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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Gratitude - A Thanksgiving Post

I guess Thanksgiving is the king of the Gratitude posts!!! It is the one day of the year dedicated to giving thanks for everything we have in our lives. I, personally, love Thanksgiving. It is a day we spend with our loved ones, and we enjoy just being together. It doesn't have a lot of hype prior to it (other than grocery shopping and preparing some food items), and it is a simple holiday that can be enjoyed with calm. Our tradition involves barbequing the turkey and therefore we spend time outdoors enjoying the warm Autumn weather and chit chatting away with our guests. Every year our menu is the same, and I think that makes it special, too. These are foods that are made just at Thanksgiving, and so I'd consider them comfort food. Other than the barbequed turkey, we have sweet potatoes and a swiss chard stuffing whose recipe was handed down to me from my 90 year old aunt!! Both are delicious and our guests always look forward to them...

Even though the feast of Thanksgiving is over, the appreciation for all our blessings remains in our hearts. Happy Thanksgiving to All!!!


  1. Allora hai avuto effettivamente una buona festa del Ringraziamento e ne sono contento; dici che è presto per cominciare con gli auguri di Natale? ;)

  2. No, non e presto siccome c'e meno di un mese prima di Natale :) Buon Natale!!!