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Friday, November 6, 2009

Gratitude Friday for Sophie!

I didn't grow up with a dog. I never actually thought I would ever have a dog. The kids begged and begged for one, but I got them fish and birds instead. I thought that a dog would be way too messy...way too much work! But then, in a moment of weakness, at an Italian picnic, Sophie came into our lives! She was 7 weeks old and weighed only 14 oz! She could fit in the palm of my hand - and she was the most adorable thing I had ever seen! She looked like a little white lamb...soft curly fur, 2 big black eyes that watched your every move, and the sweetest face immaginable. I took one look at her and I was hooked. My husband and the girls couldn't believe it when I told them we could take her home. "Are you sure you're feeling OK?", wondered my husband.

Sophie has been with us now for 12 years and she has been the best pet we have ever had. She has so much personality...and is SO smart. I know that all pet owners think their animal is the smartest, cutest, etc...and I never thought I would be one of those!!! But here I am! And proud of it!

Sure, she can be a pest at times. She barks ALOT - at animals on TV and anywhere that she perceives to be HER territory. But she has a personality that all but makes up for her pestiness! She makes me laugh everyday. And for that, Sophie, thank you!!

This is the day she decided to make the centerpiece bowl (which I had removed from the table because we were eating) her bed!!

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