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Friday, October 30, 2009

Gratitude Friday - The Internet!!

I know that being thankful for the internet is kind of an odd thing to get excited about...but if you really think about it, you will see how many wonderful opportunities the internet has created. Speaking personally, I can say that without the internet I would have never met so many nice people! I have met people through blogging, through an online sight for speaking Italian, and through Etsy (the handmade forum where I have my photo notecards). Even though I have never met these people in person, I feel like I know them and can see their generous personalities shining through from the online discussions we have had.

The internet has also brought me closer to my loved ones in Italy. We have been able to stay in contact so much easier and the miles between us all but disappear! I "chat" with my cousins every week and keep current with all the daily activities! I feel like we are together for those precious moments!!

The internet's value for those quick "catch up" moments with family and friends not so far away is amazing as well. Keeping in touch has become all that much easier :)

Thank you to all those pioneers in the computer industry for allowing me to connect with so many wonderful people!! And I hope to one day be able to meet in person all my new online buddies!!


  1. I wholeheartedly agree! I wish more people wrote about the Internet's wonders!

  2. And I wrote this note without even knowing that yesterday was the internet's birthday...I found out while watching the news last night! That was really weird :)

  3. Penso anche io che internet sia stata una gran scoperta, proprio per le ragioni da te esposte :)