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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

And We Eat the Agnolotti!!!

A few days ago, I posted a blog about making some agnolotti - but we didn't eat them that day. I spread them out on cookie sheets and froze them. When they were good and frozen, I collected them all and placed them in a freezer bag and stored them for future use! Well, last night we tried the creations! And they were just as good as imagined them to be. The pasta was tender and the filling was flavorful. They cooked fairly quickly and I scooped them up into a bowl. In the meantime, I browned some butter in a frying pan (very slowly, I may add, because butter burns really quickly!!) Once the butter was browned, I removed it from the heat and added some whole sage leaves. I let the sage impart its flavor to the butter for about 10 minutes. Then I poured the butter sauce over the agnolotti, added a bit of parmesan cheese (very little because I didn't want to spoil the taste of the sage), and a wonderful, simple meal was created! It was a big hit with the family. And the best thing is that I still have lots of frozen agnolotti to enjoy! I can't wait until the next time :)

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