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Saturday, October 17, 2009


Sometimes out of boredom is born the desire to create!!! And that is exactly what happened today! While the boys were watching football, my daughter and I decided to use some girl time to putter in the kitchen. I had cut out a recipe a long time ago from a magazine on homemade agnolotti, a type of giant ravioli, which I wanted to try. And even though I didn't have the exact ingredients for the filling, the recipe gave me some good ideas of what type of filling was needed. So I raided my freezer and found the ingredients that turned out to be perfect for the filling. We used ground turkey and frozen spinach, along with pancetta and parmesan cheese and a couple of eggs to hold it all together...and voila!!! A delicious filling was created! After this we proceeded to make the fresh pasta sheets - as always, this was lots of fun. Once the sheets were made we placed generous round balls of filling in a neat row and added another pasta sheet on top. Using a bit of water to seal the edges, we used a special roller blade and cut out the agnolotti. They turned out beautifully - even though they aren't all even in size! Some bigger than others..but hey...that's the beauty of things homemade!

Unfortunately, nobody will be home tonight to enjoy these wonderful creations so I decided to freeze them for future dinners...once I try them, I will update this and let you know how they turned out :)

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