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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Fairmont Hotel in Scottsdale, AZ

The Fairmont in Scottsdale, AZ is truly a remarkably beautiful hotel with all the amenities that a hotel of this caliber should offer. The service and the facilities are impeccable. The grounds are very beautiful, and they incorporate the beauty of the desert landscape with cactus gardens, earth colored buildings, and pathways covered in clay like stones.

Of course, they have added green grass and swimming pools to the mix to accomodate lounging by the pool in the warm Arizona sun.

Bougainvillea and red geraniums also brighten up the scenery by adding just the right splash of color.

At night, the atmosphere becomes romantic and dreamy with all the fires burning throughout the property. Fire and water features are found strewn throughout the hotel, from the giant fountain in the main courtyard to fire-illuminated walkways. All the bars offer fire pits for those cool desert evenings.

The rooms in Building E are suites featuring a living room and eating area, a generous sized bedroom with walk in closets, and a gorgeous bathroom with a separate shower stall, water closet, and sunken tub. They even have a wonderful espresso machine for making that perfect cup of espresso in the morning!!! The crema made by this machine is wonderful!

On the whole this hotel was scrumptious....but there were a few little things which rubbed me the wrong way. First of all was that there was nothing to eat to be found after 10 pm!!! Granted that by 10 pm, you should not be looking to eat dinner, but we found ourselves in need of finding nourishment at this late hour after having arrived from California. Therefore we were forced to order room service! And, after having seen the romantic atmosphere that was all around us at the hotel, we would have loved to have experienced it with a glass of wine and a nibble of food - instead of cooping ourselves up in our room!!

The other drawback to this hotel was the silly little charges they added to the bill - there was a luggage fee of $12 per person per day, irregardless of any luggage handling done by the staff, and a $2 per day per person maid fee! the $250 to $500 price range of the rooms at this hotel, couldn't they just throw that in? Or, if they were smart and had to add that, they should have just included it in the fee charged and not tell you that they were nickel and diming you with these extra charges!! Whenever these luxury resort start adding these extra charges, it irks me to no end because it cheapens the experience.

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