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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Gratitude Friday - Time

Time is a blessing, and when you can find that you have some free time, it needs to be treasured. Our lives have become so frantic that we tend to use every spare moment to get another errand done. You'd think that with all the modern conveniences we have now over what our parents and grandparents had, we'd have more free time to spend enjoying life a bit. But instead, we add more and more to our plate!!! So I have decided that I am going to sit back and take things a bit slower. I am going to learn to say "no" to those things which I don't feel to be important. I used to feel guilty when someone asked me to do something - but now I've decided that I will do something because I enjoy doing it, not out of a sense of duty. It took me about 30 years to figure out how to say NO, but it is getting easier. Life is just too short - you can't fill it up with things that are not enjoyable. And when was the last time you lay down on the grass and watched the clouds stream overhead? I know it's been years for me....once the weather gets warm again, I promise to myself that I will do it!!!

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